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FINCA Jardines de Alfabia


Right before the entrance of the Soller tunnel, in the Tramuntana Mountain Range we discover Alfabia Gardens.

A legendary property from the XIII century that combines cultures and is surrounded by a magnificent awarded garden. It is almost mandatory to let the guests enjoy and explore on their own.

Overlooking the lake, the terrace looks like an oasis full of nature and colors. It is the best area for welcome drinks, cocktails or receptions. Its magical paths lead us to the main palm area with stunning views to the mountain. Here we can organize incredible dinners covered by the stars for 250 guests seated.

The fabulous “claustro”, inner court yard, is the perfect spot to enjoy of the unforgettable summer nights.


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Is it possible to rent rooms in Alfabia Gardens?

Alfabia Gardens does not have rooms to rent and stay the night. However, there are different toilets that can we used as dress rooms. Moreover, its location is perfect to enjoy in a nice staying in Palma or Soller.

Is it easy to get to Alfabia Gardens?

Alfabia Gardens has a fantastic accessibility. The parking is big enough to fit cars and big buses.

What if we are not lucky with the weather?

The museum is perfect as a back up space for cocktails due to the fantastic terrace overlooking the lake are. Besides, a completely refurbished building is prepared to organize charming dinners.

Is Alfabia Gardens prepared to welcome disabled guests?

Most part of the areas of the garden are easily accesible, however there are some of them were there are steps.

Is Alfabia Gardens illuminated?

The lighting is perfect since it has been designed according to the venue. However, we can always personalize it.