Finca Boda Mallorca

The perfect location for your big day. With venues open, spectacular gardens and breathtaking views, these properties in Mallorca are located in privileged and quiet enclaves, offering an exclusive and unique environment for your wedding. Personalize your event with the dimensions of the venues, differentiating areas for the cocktail party, the reception, the dinner and the disco. Mallorca, we choose locations with history and character, such as the Alfabia Garden in Sóller or the “Posessió” of Comassema in Orient, to convert your wedding in an unforgettable moment surrounded by nature and mountains. Celebrate your unique and exclusive wedding in Mallorca with Venues for weddings full of legends and memories.

Dream Locations for Celebrations in Mallorca

Find the ideal place for your special event, from weddings to large gatherings, in the most spectacular places on the island of Mallorca.

Mallorca is a jewel of the Mediterranean, known for its natural beauty and exclusive locations for events. Our team of professionals will assist you in every detail to find the perfect place that reflects your wishes and visions. From private venues to elegant villas, we have a diverse selection of more than 30 locations.

Not only do we offer exceptional locations, but also an immaculate catering service, meticulous planning and collaboration with high-quality suppliers. If you have a specific location in mind, our team adapts to new challenges, ensuring that your event is as unique as you are. Contact us to organize visits, check availability and receive specialized guidance.

Venues for Weddings and Events in Mallorca

Discover luxury venues, charming gardens and breathtaking views that make every event an unforgettable occasion in Mallorca.

If you are looking for an exclusive and charming setting for your wedding or event in Mallorca, you are in the right place. With a wide range of exclusive venues, picturesque gardens and mountain environments, we offer dream settings that adapt to your needs. Each of our locations has been selected for its uniqueness and character, such as the Alfabia Garden in Sóller or the 'Possessió' of Comassema.
In addition to providing the perfect venue, we ensure that every aspect of your event is managed with the utmost perfection: from exceptional catering to impeccable coordination. Your wedding or event will not be just a celebration, but a fairytale turned into reality. Find the ideal setting for your exclusive event in Mallorca today!